Taiwanese Youth Alliance of the Pacific Northwest, or simply TYAPN (pronounced as tai-pan), is a Taiwanese non-profit organization that devotes its efforts to provide a platform for students and young professionals in the Pacific Northwest to network while spreading the Taiwanese culture and strive to cultivate talents. We hold professional events such as internship programs, annual youth forums, and company tours year-round. Come learn with us and explore the world with a whole new perspective!

About us

我們是一個跨越政治與宗教而成立的非營利性社團,讓旅居美國西北區的台灣青年們能在本地區建立聯繫平台以增進學術交流、推廣台灣文化活動,進而融入美國社會。除此之外,另一項重要任務是團結美國西北區與台灣相關的青年組職, 並提供協助以確保成長。本會也將定期舉辦暑期實習機會、求職面談會、公益活動、國慶遊行、學生聯誼、企業參觀等活動。

Our goal

TYAPN continuously seeks to become more influential to the world. Our goal is that through every event and through every activity, our participants and members can enjoy a great time and develop useful professional skills. What we do is as our slogan goes : "Be The Change." 

We are open to any innovative ideas and opportunities to collaborate. If you're interested in what we do, please don't hesitate to contact via email!

4001 E. Stevens Way NE
Seattle, WA 98195
University of Washington - Seattle
email : tyapn@uw.edu
instagram : @tyapntaiwan
facebook : www.facebook.com/tyapn

Our location

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Email : tyapn@uw.edu 

IG : @tyapntaiwan

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