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TYAPN x SCCTSA Dream Cup Basketball Tournament IV 籃球比賽開始開放報名參加囉! 截止日期為4月9日! 快點跟愛打籃球的親朋好友相約一起來參加吧! 你絕對不想錯過TYAPN一年一度的籃球比賽的! ---------------------------------------------------- 【 報名方式 | Sign Up 】 採網上報名,請至Jotform報名 Sign up by April. 9th 網址如下| Sign Up Website: http://form.jotform.us/form/50597292529163 【 報名資訊 | Event Details 】 1. 每隊登錄名額最多8人,男女不拘 Every team has a maximum of 8 players, gender not limited. 2. 每隊報名費美金一百元(non-refundable) - 繳費頁面會於報名頁面之後跳出 Non-refundable application fee $100 per team, by online payment. 3. 如有四隊或以上女生組(全隊皆為女生),則另分出Women Division If there are 4+ all girl teams, there will be a Women Division. ***新增Free Agent*** 找不到隊伍但是仍想參賽打球嗎? 我們可以幫你! 報名費為$12/人 繳費頁面會於報名頁面之後跳出 隊伍組成為隨機模式 有5-7人 我們會在截止日期之後通知你的隊伍及聯絡方式. Free agent: People without team we can form group for them. ticket price is $12 dollars. We will notify you and the group with contact information once deadline passed.Teams will be in groups of 5-7. ---------------------------------------------------- 【 獎品 | Prizes 】 第一名獎金$200 & 第二名獎金$100 First place $200 cash & Second place $100 cash 如有女生組,則視隊伍數量而決定獎金 If there is a Women Division, prizes depends on numbers of teams (8組以上,第一名 $200,第二名$100; 如四組至八組,則只取ㄧ組,獎金$150) (8+ groups, first place $200 cash, second place $100 cash; 4-8 groups there will be first place $150 cash but no second place prizes) ---------------------------------------------------- 【 穿著 | Attire 】 請自備球衣,有號碼為佳 Please prepare your own jersey, preferably with numbers. 或者請準備一件深色(黑色) 跟一件淺色(白色)衣服 OR please prepare a dark color (preferably black) tshirt and a light color tshirt (preferably white). ---------------------------------------------------- 【 比賽規則 | Game Rules 】 All rules refer to FIBA, except the following ♦︎ 賽制: 單敗淘汰賽 Tournament Brackets: Single elimination tournament ♦︎ 時間:2個12分鐘半場不停錶,下半場最後兩分鐘可停錶 Timing: Total 24 minutes (Two 12 minutes halves), watch stopped within the last two minutes of second half only. ♦︎ 中場休息: 2分鐘 Half time: 2 minutes ♦︎ 開球球權: 上下半場發球皆為跳球 Starting position: Both halves decide by jump ball ♦︎ 暫停: 每隊上下半場各有一次ㄧ分鐘暫停 Timeout: Each team has one timeout (1 minute) per half. (罰球中籃後發球隊可暫停,場上亦可向裁判請求暫停,裁判可允許暫停,但若該隊已無暫停可使用,則判罰該隊技術犯規一次) (After free throws, the team that throws in can call timeout; players on the court may also request timeout. The referee may allow timeout, but if the team has no timeouts left, a technical foul will be called on the team.) ♦︎ 罰球時間: 罰球時間為五秒內需出手 Free throw time limit: 5 seconds ♦︎ 犯規 | Foul 1. 無進攻免責區,即在球場任何地方仍會產生進攻犯規。 There is no restricted zone; offensive foul will be called anywhere on the court. 2. 技術犯規 | Technical fouls a. 亦登記個人犯規及團隊犯規,但若犯兩次技術犯規則取消比賽資格。 Personal technical fouls and bench technical fouls, 2 technical fouls will be disqualified. b. 球員技術犯規為一次罰球加中場控球權,非球員技術犯規則為兩次罰球加中場控球權。 Technical foul grants the opponents one free throw and half court possession; non-technical foul grants the opponents two free throws and half court possession. -------------------------------------------------- 【 地點 | Location 】 Seattle Central Community College Mitchell Activity Center 1701 Broadway, Seattle, WA 98122 【 地圖連結 | Map 】 http://www.seattlecentral.edu/maps/index.php 【 停車|Parking 】 Street parking is free on April 12nd (Sunday), or there's a parking lot $5 per day at Seattle Central College - Harvard Garage (Harvard St and E Pine St) 【 聯絡人|Contact Person 】 Andy (Contact info provided on our event page) 【 時間|Time 】 各隊請於早上10點整前 到達球場check-in Each team must check-in before 10am 遲到者將取消資格. Late check-in will be disqualified.

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