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2018 Spring Mentor-Mentee Program

TYAPN's Mentor Mentee Program applications are reopening again! The program aims to provide undergraduate students with guidance through their college years. We have 2 types of mentors to match students' needs. Undergraduate Mentors: Answer questions regarding majors, classes, and other academic questions. Professional Mentors: Answer questions about job search, application, and anything you want to know before leaving college. Mentor pairing process: After applications are submitted, our committee matches as many mentors for you based on the information you provide in the application. At our mandatory mentor mentee meetup you will have a chance to meet all your potential mentors. Finally, you will choose your mentor. If you are interested please fill out the Mentor Mentee Program application and take note of the dates listed below. Feel free to email tyapn@uw.edu if you have any questions! Application: https://form.jotform.com/70578074263157 Application deadline: 3/16/2018 Mandatory Mentor Mentee Meetup Event: 4/7/2018 (tentative)


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