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Taiwanese Folk Games Festival TYAPN童玩節

Have you ever wished to travel back to your childhood times? TYAPN will be hosting a family-friendly event that is open to anyone who is interested in learning about Taiwanese culture. Come and learn about Taiwanese traditional culture by creating your own crafts that could remind you of your childhood memories! We will be selling packages that include craft materials and Taiwanese snacks such as pineapple cake and hot dog bun. Feel free to invite your friends, family, and children to this fun event! --------------------------TIMELINE------------------------ Date: 5/5 (Saturday) Time: 1:00 - 3:00pm (Doors open @12:30) Location: UW Denny Hall 303 Admission ticket: $2 Package (craft materials + Taiwanese pastry box): $8 Please fill out the RSVP form to secure your seat! --------------Taiwanese Folk Games Crafting-------------- Paper windmill Chopstick Gun Bamboo-Copter Jianzi -----------------------♫ Entertainment ♫----------------- Photo Booth Taiwanese traditional folk games Chinese Pop Songs ------------------------------------------------------------ 是否曾經嚮往著回到童年時無憂無慮的時光呢? 想介紹外國朋友來了解台灣傳統文化嗎? TYAPN將舉辦全新的文化體驗活動---TYAPN童玩節--- 將帶著您製作各種有趣手作童玩(風車,竹筷槍,竹蜻蜓,毽子) 邀請您帶著大朋友小朋友來一同參與 除了手作童玩教學,現場將會有Photo Booth、傳統民俗小遊戲及華語金曲演出,讓您重溫兒時回憶~ --------------------------活動資訊------------------------- 日期:5/5 (星期六) 時間:1:00-3:00pm (12:30開始入場) 地點:華盛頓大學 Denny Hall 303 入場費:$2 童玩材料包及台灣點心盒:$8 請填寫表格報名參加! -----------------------Parking Suggestion----------------- UW Central Plaza Garage is free after noon on Saturdays. -------------------------SPONSORS----------------------- Kiki Bakery ONPS (more info: http://www.onpsummer.org)


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