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TYAPN 2018-19 Fall Orientation

歡迎各位新生來到Seattle~初來乍到的你是否對學校裡五花八門的社團感到新鮮好奇呢?是否想在這大校園裡找到一點歸屬感呢? 10/1 (一) 是我們TYAPN 2018-19學年的年度說明會~我們將帶你更進一步的了解我們社團 Taiwanese Youth Alliance of Pacific Northwest, 簡稱 TYAPN。 我們是一群想增強自己、互相照顧、希望可以改變台灣的人。 我們不只是學校裡的學生組織,也是社會上的學生組織。 我們與業界的專業人士交流,建立人脈。 我們舉辦論壇、研討會、導師導生計畫,學習學校裡學不到的事。 想更深入了解我們嗎? TYAPN誠摯地邀請您 10/1 (一)來參加我們的新生說明會,了解TYAPN內部的部門平時是怎麼運作的,還有接下來的一整年我們會辦些什麼樣的活動,幸運的話還有機會抽中印表機,熱水壺等大獎喔! 不管你是想要認識更多西雅圖地區的台灣人或是想解決各種生活上的問題,我們都歡迎你的加入! 現場也將會有小點心和小型團康活動,是個結交新朋友的好機會呢~快按參加吧 18:45開始入場~記得準時到,別錯過獲得抽獎券的機會喔! 時間:10/1 (一) 晚上 7:00 到 8:00 (6:45開始check-in) 地點:西雅圖華盛頓大學 Alder Hall 107 要參加的人別忘了RSVP https://form.jotform.me/82333104827452 別忘了追蹤我們的粉絲專頁並按讚喔! www.facebook.com/tyapn 也可以去TYAPN的網站多認識我們~ https://www.tyapn.org/ Instagram: www.instagram.com/tyapntaiwan ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Are you new to Seattle? Do you want to make awesome friends? Are you curious about how we work to give back to Taiwanese communities? Want to know why you should be a TYAPN member? Then come join our orientation on 10/01 a for a night of food, fun, and information about our organization! Welcome all freshmen and people who are interested in TYAPN to come! Bring your friends and a light heart to enjoy a night of food, fun, while learning all about TYAPN! And of course, come and win FREE PRIZES! Looking forward to seeing all of you there! If you are interested in becoming a TYAPN officer, we recommend you to come to the orientation and learn about TYAPN & our club system. Please fill out the RSVP form : ) https://form.jotform.me/82333104827452 Date: Oct. 1, 2017. Monday. Time: 7:00 - 8:00pm (6:45 check in) Location: University of Washington Alder Hall 107 *In order to make sure the event goes smoothly, please come on time. We'll start welcoming people at 6:45pm. Thank you! Don't forget to like our page and follow us! www.facebook.com/tyapn Or go to our website and get to know our 2018-19 officers~ https://www.tyapn.org/


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