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2019 Mission Committee Orientation

Updated: Feb 10

曾有過創業的理想但口袋不深只能愁沒有資金?腦子裡有新點子卻沒有人脈,不知如何實現?那就來參加 TYPAN 的 Mission Committee Orientation 聽聽成功的新創家們傳授寶貴經驗,讓我們一起走上人生巔峰!

好成績不如好能力,高 GPA 不如好 Networking。學習沒有捷徑,但能有機會從前輩身上學習經驗並建立 Networking,讓你能早早瞭解公司需求、市場需求和如何高效的打入公司內部,瞭解想創業或找工作的你需要具備什麼樣的思維,並針對自己的不足點提早準備。


無論你是想要學習如何創業,如何面對創業的可能挑戰,還是學習時間管理或者高效的思維方式,還是想獲得進入 Intel 這類大型公司的寶典秘籍,來參加我們的orientation 吧!我們為你們請到了最專業!最親切!最帥氣!的講師群,包含前 Intel Software and Service Group 和 Intel Lab 副總 (Cooperate Vice President) 王文漢,還有兩位成功創業的新創家,他們將為你們指點迷津。

在 TYAPN 未來一系列 Mission Committee 活動裡,參與者也將有機會參與競賽,不僅訓練你邏輯思考和領導能力,也為你的履歷錦上添花。這次的 Orientation,我們也很榮幸的邀請到 TJCCS(台灣青商會)的會長來為各位講解此一系列活動和未來的 missions,有興趣的夥伴趕緊來了解一下~ 最重要的是,秉持服務精神,為了讓更多人能有機會參加, 這次的orientation 在校內!Free admissions!只需 填 RSVP form 即可報名~ 今天就填好報名表,一起實現理想吧!

TYPAN 誠摯邀請大家一起來認識 Intel 的前輩,找尋志同道合的朋友,也認識青商會的前輩們!

<<< Event detail >>> Location : Savery Hall (SAV )264 Time : November 23 (Sat.) 13: 00 ~ 16 : 00 (12:50 開放入場) Speaker : 王文漢(Retired Intel Corporate VP and Managing Director of Intel Labs at Intel Corporation) Co-host: TJCCS (Taiwanese Junior Chamber of Commerce Seattle)


Have an entrepreneurship dream but held back by lack of funds? Got them innovative ideas but don't have a network to accomplish your dreams? Come join TYPAN's Mission committee Orientation to listen to successful entrepreneurs share their valuable experience with us, and hike towards the peak in our lives!

Ability overshadows academics, and a good network surpasses a good GPA. There are no shortcuts for studying, but there ARE chances to learn skills for networking from our forerunners. They will help you understand what the market needs, what companies want and how to get involved in the core, and even provide mindset tips for those who wish to be entrepreneurs. Starting identifying your mistakes and prepare early! Hence, whether you're aiming for tips on starting your own business, trying to learn time management, or even just want that super-efficient mindset, come join our orientation! You would also be able to grasp the secrets of joining massive companies like Intel, since we have invited, and are honored to have, three expert speakers! With two successful entrepreneurs and the former Vice President of Software and Service Group, Cooperative Vice President of Intel Lab, Wang Wen-Hann!

In the future events of TYPAN's Mission Committee, participants will have chances to join competitions, and will enhance your logical thinking along with leadership skills while juicing up your resume! For this time's Orientation, we are also honored to have the president of the Taiwanese Junior Chamber of Commerce Seattle (TJCCS) to talk about these events and future missions, so don't hesitate and come if you're interested! Most importantly, with the spirit of service, to give everyone a chance to join, the Orientation will be on campus with FREE ADMISSIONS! All you have to do is fill out the RSVP form and submit! What are you waiting for? Go fill out that form and let's chase our dreams!

TYPAN is honored to invite everyone to meet our alumnus from Intel, make new friends with similar interests, and to get to know the TJCCS!

<<< Event detail >>> Location: Savery Hall (SAV )264 Time: November 23 (Sat.) 13: 00 ~ 16 : 00 (admissions start at 12:50) Speaker: Wang Wen-Hann(Retired Intel Corporate VP and Managing Director of Intel Labs at Intel Corporation) Co-host: TJCCS (Taiwanese Junior Chamber of Commerce Seattle)


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