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FIUTS Cultural Fest

Updated: Feb 10

Happy Lunar New Year! Our annual Cultural Fest held by FIUTS will be on Thursday, February 6, from 10:30 AM - 3:00 PM at the HUB Ballroom. There will be a variety of Taiwanese crafts, folklore, and activities for everyone to experience, such as chinese yoyo, ring toss, crafts, riddles, and more! Still hesitant on going? There will also be red envelopes with secret prizes inside for everyone! We sincerely invite you to enjoy this nostalgic Taiwanese culture with us!

哈嘍大家新年快樂! 一年一度由 FIUTS 所舉辦的 Cultural Fest 即將在 2/6 上午 10:30 至下午 3:00 於 HUB Ballroom 舉行。屆時在攤位上將有各式台灣名俗技藝,童玩,與活動供大家體驗。舉凡扯鈴,套圈圈,剪春字,猜謎等等。還在猶豫嗎?聽說當天還有神秘紅包可以拿喔!? 我們誠摯邀請您與我們共同享受這令人懷念的台灣傳統文化吧!


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