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TYAPN YiFang Fundraiser

Updated: Feb 10

Great news Huskies, as TYAPN has a treat in for you! On January 21, TYAPN will be selling Yi Fang Fruit Tea’s fabled, you guessed it, FRUIT TEA, at the Red Square! From our experiences, the aromatic tea with freshly sliced fruits and passion fruit pulps fuse to form the definition of harmony! It will definitely bright up your day, and to compliment your hardworking self, this is the perfect treat!

Below is the pre-order link, and since we all know efficiency is key to good work, go ahead and buy that cup of happiness for yourself right now~!

<<< Event Info >>> Location: Red Square Time: 1/21 (Tue) from 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm Regular Price: $5 *** For members and pre-order: $4.75 ***


我說啊冷冷的天就是要配冰冰的水果茶啊!TYAPN 這次為大家帶來一芳的招牌水果茶,溫潤的茶湯配上新鮮爽口的水果切片和百香果粒,酸酸甜甜,帶給你一整天的好心情~ 1/21 來 Red Square 找 TYAPN 買水果茶,慰勞一下學期初就認真打拼的自己吧~數量有限要買要快!


<<< 活動詳情 >>> 地點:Red Square 時間:1/21 (二) 的下午 12:30 至下午 2:30 原價:$5 *** 會員與填寫預購表單者:$4.75 ***


Got any questions? Contact us!

Email : tyapn@uw.edu 

IG : @tyapntaiwan

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