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2016 Fall Officer Recruitment

October 2, 2016



美國西北區台灣青年聯合會Taiwanese Youth Alliance of Pacific Northwest,簡稱TYAPN。

主要分成三個部門 - iTYAPN, TYAPanel 和 Event Planning & HR。
至於這些不同的部門和職位究竟在做些什麼……我們將在接下來的日子慢慢為你們說明!請耐心等候 :)


加入TYAPN 成為我們的一份子,除了可以讓你學習到許多課堂上教不了你的知識、經驗和態度,也能與來自各個不同社區大學的同學和職場上的專業人士一起交流,更早的將自己準備好,面對未來未知的挑戰!

申請表 -


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Emily Wang -
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Toni Wu -


Don’t look back thinking about high school. Think about not leaving your college blank!

✪What is TYAPN? Can I eat it?
We are Taiwanese Youth Alliance of Pacific Northwest, also known as TYAPN.
We aim to gather Taiwanese Youth on the Pacific Northwest, unite all universities and colleges, make a difference, help students learn and gain professional skills from all aspects, and to draw their own life blueprints!

✪What positions can we apply for?
We have three departments - iTYAPN, TYAPanel and event planning & HR. As for what are these departments for and what they do, we’ll explain them bit-by-bit! Thank you for your patience!

✪Having no club experience, can I still apply?
Absolutely! That’s just more reason for you to join us! We’ll offer a platform for you to learn and gain various aspects of skills! Not only are there upperclassmen to teach you their know-hows, but also professionals to share their experience form various fields!

✪Lastly, why join TYAPN?
Being part of TYAPN, not only do you learn knowledge, experience, and the right attitude, but also build connections with people from other schools and professionals from various fields. The earlier you start, the more prepared you’ll be for the future!

If you’re hoping to join a different, forever growing club that gives you space to develop, then stop hesitating! Come join us and let’s create the future together!


We would also like to invite you to our orienation on 10/3 or 10/13! We will explain more details about TYAPN during the orientation!
FB event page:

If you have any question, feel free to email to
Or you can also message our officers -
Emily Wang -
Christina Kao -
Toni Wu -



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